Use Retail Digital Signage For Forward-Think Customer Experiences

Headlines screaming about the so-called retail apocalypse would have retailers believe there’s nothing they can do to keep customers from abandoning the physical shopping experience. Owners should tune out the doom and gloom and focus on making visitors happy when they pass by or enter their place of business.

Using digital signage for retail gives business owners the chance to leverage new technology and modernize the in-store shopping experience. That means giving customers a personalized experience online merchants never can. Retail digital signage lets them transform customer interactions with staff and owners in ways that benefit everyone.

Think Beyond a Blinking Sign

Modern digital applications replace old-fashioned display approaches with new options like LED touch screens showcasing the full extent of any inventory or available services. Think of women being invited up to scroll through and explore different dress options on a screen placed right outside the door of a dress shop.

Other ways to implement digital signage include:

  • Allowing customers to search through inventory not currently on display.
  • Making it easy to test out combinations of different products like paint colors and flooring.
  • Being able to confirm a business is giving customers the best price by immediately showing them how much more competitors charge.
  • Letting customers place and pay for simple orders without a salesperson.

Eliminate Delays and Paper

Retailers can provide clientele with real-time updates about new inventory that’s just arrived or discounts about to go into effect. This reduces the amount of money needed to print up brochures or in-store fliers that just get thrown away later.

Imagine people passing by being invited to scan a QR code with their mobile device and pull up information on different sales and specials. That entices them into impulse buys and gives them a way to quickly share that same promotion with friends and family.

Help Customers When They Want It

Let customers control just how much or how little help they receive from store associates. Make it easy for them to find information for themselves relating to products they’re looking for. Allow them to quickly summon an associate if they want more assistance. That frees up sales representatives to help customers with more complex situations while leaving browsing patrons in peace.

Provide a Personal Touch

Customers looking for an automobile part could easily pull up how-to videos and repair manuals. Associates no longer have to search through bulky manuals and can go directly to what’s needed when customers come looking for help. Customers still receive the type of personal attention not available from online retailers. That associates a company’s brand with a great shopping experience and increases the chances of return visits.

Get Valuable Feedback

What types of signage campaigns appeal to customers and what causes them to pass by without notice? The data provided by interactions with digital signage provides businesses with valuable insight into what promotions appeal to customers and results in purchases. Use this to tailor future promotional efforts in ways that increase the foot traffic to a place of business.

Digital signage also makes it easy to pass on real-time store policy changes or upcoming promotions to a company’s staff. That means they’re not caught with outdated information that fails to match up to customer expectations when they walk in. This eliminates confusing back-and-forth and delays that often leads to frustrated customers and abandoned sales.

Use Digital Signage Effectively

The ultimate goal of using digital signage should be to give customers a great retail experience. Companies should invest some of the money saved by updating the technology around physical promotion efforts into helping employees understand the role they must continue to play. Having knowledgeable staff on-hand provides customers with valuable person-to-person interaction online stores can’t provide.

Tailor-made Solutions

Digital signage for retail should be implemented in ways that suit a business. A store shouldn’t use overwhelming displays  when something small and sleek will do using some clever digital signage practices. The display should be easy to use and designed to provide customers with enough information to help them decide on purchases.

MALER Digital Signage offers a consultancy service to create personalized digital signage solutions for businesses. We’re happy to come out and show retail owners how to enhance the experience of their clientele so if you need any information, do not hesitate to contact us through telephone +34 881 874 259, by email or by filling the following form.