7 tips to create Digital Signage content

Do you need to update the content for your Digital Signage network? If you need a little bit of inspiration, do not miss these 7 tips to offer quality content on your screens.

Having quality content helps to maximize investment and obtain the best results.

Thanks to the latest technologies applied to Digital Signage it is possible to modify content in real-time and adapt it to different audiences and situations. These content can be optimized, improving campaigns according to the data collected and thus increasing brand recall, capturing the attention of al users who pass by or improving the user experience at the sale point.

  1. Simplicity

Less is more, also in Digital Signage. Sometimes the more neutral and simple colours make a brand or product stand out more. Getting all the viewer’s attention to focus on what is important, the name of the advertiser. If a light colour background and a dark text or vice versa is used, the text will be more striking. As for the fonts, it is better to use sans-serif ones, since they are easier to red and have a classic look that will attract a larger audience. Once this piece of advice is implemented; it is recommended to watch the message on screen both closely and from a distance to verify that it can be read correctly.

  1. Content rotation

One of the more relevant aspects about creating content for Digital Signage screens is that said content must rotate. It must be changed at least twice a week. If it is not changed the customer gests used to always seeing the same thing and does not react to the stimuli that are sent to them.

It is recommended to rotate the content according to the time of the day, periodically checking if the information and the material displayed on these devices is correct and properly updated.

  1. Add a call-to-action

Embedding a call-to-action at the bottom of your content helps viewers focus their attention on the device. The size of this call-to-action should occupy at least half of the Digital Signage tool, with a simple text that invites to act fast.

  1. Adapt the content to your surroundings

For Digital Signage to be effective, its content must stand out. One way to do so, is to be aware of the Digital Signage surroundings. Firstly, during the day it must have high brightness to be appreciated under any light. However, at night the light must be low, otherwise it can damage the viewer’s eyes. Additionally, the location of the device must be considered to play with the elements surrounding it to create a coherent message.

  1. Advertising is not everything

Keep in mind that advertising is not the only source of content that exists. In addition to introducing adverts, it is recommended to add daily information, such as local news or weather details. All these are simple add-ons, which can be reflected on every rotation that the Digital Signage device does and thus not saturate the user.

  1. Video

Using videos instead of images will make the viewer spend more time watching the Digital Signage device. Any person will pay more attention to a dynamic piece of content than to a static one. In other words, the advertised brand is more likely to be remembered if a video is projected instead of an image.

  1. Social media

Social media has become an important part of our daily lives and can be also implemented on Digital Signage campaigns. To the content that is to long for this kind of device, a call-to-action can be added in some of the advertised brand’s social media profiles. This can be recommended to Facebook posts. As for YouTube, they already offer dynamic content, so it can be one of the best options. Tutorials, news updates, information about new products and services can be shared, as well as giving an insight about how the company works internally. In addition, comments published by customers on the company’s social media profiles can be shared, thus transmitting more security and confidence to viewers.

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