Digital Signage at schools and universities

With an audience raised in digital communication, Digital Signage is an excellent way to engage the students. The latest digital system technologies provide hundreds of opportunities: through screen signage, schools and universities can communicate quickly and effectively with students, teachers, and visitors.

Digital Signage at schools to inform about securities measures against covid

All educational centres always have the responsibility to keep students and teachers informed, now more than ever.

Schools and universities that want to reopen their doors for the next academic year must take all possible measures to reduce the virus’ spread. Among them is to properly notify students of the precautions they should take. Thanks to the installation of Digital Signage screens at schools and universities this can be achieved.

The devices will notify all necessary messages such as the mandatory use of face masks or to remind people to keep social distance.  In addition, the latest Digital Signage technologies allow to measure the temperature of all people who want to enter the educational centre.

Digital Signage to know campuses or schools

Campus managers can use a unified platform to assist visitors. Displaying frequently asked questions and additional information on different devices, such as campus maps or office and classroom location applications.

For universities, the implementation of these systems can be very efficient. Since they do not have to print anything, everything will be digital.

Digital Signage screens will enable campuses to optimise communications with students, teachers, and visitors: they will replace old-fashioned noticeboards.  News announcements and other campus events can be displayed along with class schedules in real time.

Using a cloud-based management system, secure and collaborative, will allow the communication management to be simplified. This will let us control of the entire network display, while allowing custom content to be added to specific displays.

Boost interest and interaction with students

Displaying digital screens at common areas on campus can help to generate interest and to stimulate student engagement. These devices can be used to welcome new staff and students, to share videos of important events or to recognized students’ achievements. These kind of Digital Signage messages in universities create a feeling of warmth.

Classroom management is a great challenge for staff. But thanks to Digital Signage in schools and universities, this task will be much easier. Classrooms reservations could be made on these devices: a green signal if the room is empty or a red one if it is occupied. This system will avoid confusion and duplication of reservations. Classroom schedules can also be displayed on the screens in common areas, so all students and teachers can check in which classroom and what time the class is taught.

To all school and universities managers, one of their main concerns is the safety of their centre. Therefore, in case of emergency, all Digital Signage screens will show all emergency exits and all the necessary information about the evacuation.

Digital Signage networks feature advanced content scheduling, allowing schools to plan their content in advanced for greater impact and to display it at different times.

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