5 benefits of Digital Signage for hospitals

The health sector has been the most affected during the Covid crisis, without any doubt. Medical professionals have fought in the front line against the virus.

Therefore, it is necessary to make available to hospitals all the tools that allow them to protect patients and staff from possible infections. This way, we are taking care of those who take care of us. Digital Signage is increasingly in demand by hospitals and medical centres, as it helps to improve their efficiency, to report quickly and, to increase the feeling of security and comfort in healthcare centres at the same time.

In addition, as in any business, such as restaurants or retail, the location of digital screens in the right places leads to a reduction of cost and time, and simultaneously, it contributes to improve their brand and modernise it.

The implementation of these screens in hospital environments has many benefits such as:

  • Patient flow management: thanks to the implementation of Digital Signage, it can be avoided people from accumulating in the same spot. These devices can include queuing systems or even a timer to mark the remaining time for a patient to enter the consulting room.

Hospitals today are big and intimidating for patients, as well as for the relatives visiting them. Instead of wandering aimlessly trying to find the right floor, visitors can use Digital Signage to check the right way to reach their destination. Thanks to advancements in VUI (Voice User Interface) and IoT technology, hospital visitors will be able to avoid touching any additional surfaces, including these screens.

This will also avoid crowds in common areas of the hospital.

  • Advertising and entertainment: Digital Signage can be useful to promote all events related to the hospital environments, such as blood donation, fundraisers, or other important public events, as well as health workshops and courses. Moreover, it can be used to entertain hospital visitors in waiting rooms with music and videos. It can also be a great opportunity to advertise a brand: people in waiting rooms are very prone to watch and listening to everything around them.
  • Stress and anxiety reduction: hospitals are an incredibly stressful environment. Digital Signage can help this situation by eliminating small administrative tasks, such as giving queue numbers. This way, the staff can be focused on what really matters: the patients’ health.
  • Information improvement: Digital Signage is used to provide all necessary information in a more agile, simple, and concrete way. Since information is a top priority, these screens help keep family and patients up to date on any news or important matter.
  • Improved internal communication: these devices help to keep well communicated all the centre’s professionals. For example, at the exit of each room there would be a device where all the tests made to a patient in that room are displayed. This way, all professionals will have the information at their fingerprints, without having to navigate the medical history of each patient.

Digital Signage can create healthcare experiences and services effectively connecting patients and professionals.

In most cases, hospitals and health centres visits do not provide pleasant experiences, so it is particularly important to keep users entertained and make their environment as comfortable as possible during their wait.

Thanks to Digital Signage, it is also possible so control people’s temperature entering and leaving a specific location through thermal cameras, temperature readers with display and hydroalcoholic gel dispensers with screens.

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