Digital Billboards: the Importance of the Visual

With a plethora of ads and other distractions, it’s important for businesses to stand out in today’s market. This is why digital billboards can help companies get the edge when it comes to the consumer’s decision making.  Let’s look at digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH ads) and see how they can help businesses attract customers and make sales.

Visual Cues Can Help Form Decisions

Advertisers have known a long time how certain visual cues evoke emotions in people. Color, for example, can evoke excitement or calmness depending on the color used. They can also be used to attract. Red, for example, is a color that draws the eye and can evoke excitement. It’s up to the designer to use the color to attract customers without overloading their perceptions.

Psychologists have known for a long time that visual cues can help form decisions in the consumer’s mind, without the consumer even knowing it is occurring. The problem is how to know what may attract customers versus what doesn’t or what may overload their senses, causing them to ignore the cues as just noise instead of something they should pay attention to. This is why putting together the right digital outdoor advertising is crucial for any business.

Why Digital Billboards are So Successful

Marketing toward the consumer’s unconscious decision making can be challenging, which is why digital billboards are so successful. A business owner can choose between several different possible ads and, if that isn’t attracting enough customers, can change the DOOH advertising immediately to attract customers. Digital billboards can automatically update for holidays or special sales promotions, thus making them current and applicable to the consumer. Unlike the cost of more permanent signage, once the digital out-of-home advertising board is constructed, there is no delay in changing ads, putting up new ads, and taking down ads.  Everything happens at the speed of computers.

What’s more, businesses can tailor their messages to the location without spending more money on changing over large signage.  Instead, the business owner only works with the ad agency to design the appropriate ads that will be displayed on the digital media.

A Case Study

When looking at successes in digital billboards, one only has to look at the businesses advertising in the London Underground. The London Underground had its digital signage installed over a three year period from 2007 to 2009 at a cost of 71 million pounds. The cost was definitely worth it as it reaches more consumers daily than conventional marketing could. These digital billboards reach 355 million consumers every year, making it a perfect place for companies to advertise and promote their brands. There are 2,200 screens in the London Underground and with three million passengers traveling every day, it’s easy to understand the enormity of the impressions made daily.

The signage is bright and clear; the layout of the digital billboards are large and inviting. These digital billboards are placed in high traffic areas such as escalators and hallways. Projectors show videos on the Tube’s curved walls, thus getting the companies’ messages across to commuters effectively.

Digital Billboards Naturally Attract Customers

Not surprisingly, digital billboards naturally attract customers. Not only can they update regularly, but they can also have video involved with them as well. The movement is a definite attractant to the customer, as it can draw their eye to the product.  Obviously too much motion can be detrimental, but the right motion in the right pattern, which causes the reader to focus on the product, will increase dwell times and will attract buyers. Videos can be used to inform, entice, or simply entertain the consumer — and will help bring them one step closer to purchasing the product.

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