Digital Signage for Supermarkets: the Power of Shelf-edge Technology

Supermarkets aren’t always utilizing every edge at their disposal when it comes to selling to their customers. Consider the shelf edge and the power it has to persuade the customer. About 76 percent of all shopping decisions happen at the shelf edge, which behooves the store owner to consider shelf-edge technology to set up new strategies to reach their consumers.

How Digital Signage for Supermarkets Can Influence Purchases

Digital supermarkets are the way of the future for grocery stores. In conventional supermarkets, customers may see one or two signs promoting a particular product. With shelf-edge technology, customers can see not only prices, but sales on the products that they’re looking at, as well as related products that they may want to buy with the product they’re intent on purchasing. Digital signage for supermarkets can engage the customer by giving them ideas for using certain products in recipes, giving them nutrition and health tips, and providing consumers information that they may not know about products that they are considering purchasing. By giving the consumer vital information, it can help convince them to not only make the purchase, but they should purchase other products that will enhance the product they are buying.

When it comes to shelf-edge technology, it’s important to have your digital signage located in prominent places where your customers will see the advertisement. When the customer sees the digital signage, it needs to be engaging so the customer will feel valued and want to purchase from the supermarket, rather than go to another retailer.

Engage the Customer

Most store managers would like to directly engage their customers to further personalize their experience. Digital signage in strategic areas allow personalized messages that help the retailer be in several places at once and still provide a rewarding experience for the customer. Customers can learn more about products and maybe even get tips to prepare certain types of foods they may be considering purchasing. Furthermore, stores can use their digital signage for retail to alert the customer how long they must wait in store lines at the cash register and whether there is a cash register open to check them out.

Clear Out Excess Inventory Fast

One problem that plagues supermarkets is excess inventory, especially perishable inventory. In the past, a grocer would have to put up a sign with a sale price and hope that customers would see it. Now, digital signage for retail enables sales that can clear out excess inventory quickly plus sell more of items stores need to sell.

Digital signs places strategically throughout the store can remind the customer that the sale is happening now and that they should purchase the items on sale before the retailer runs out of supply.

Offer Product Reviews of New Products

Although sales and pricing are very important to the consumer, product reviews from other customers are very valuable. Nearly 92 percent of customers read online reviews and 88 percent of customers use those reviews to decide to make their final purchase. Having those online reviews on the shelves next to the products could greatly influence customers’ decisions to buy. Not only that, but including tips on using the product will greatly enhance the customer’s overall experience.

Using Beacon Technology

With the advent of Big Data, retailers have a treasure trove of their customers’ buying habits at their fingertips. Why not offer sales on products to individual customers on the products that they use most? Beacon technology can personalize the entire buying experience for the customer who has specific needs. If the data shows that the customer has bought a particular product in the past, let’s say dog food, the beacon could reduce the price of a favorite dog food brand for that customer, thus enticing a sale. Or maybe add a sale on dog treats that would be irresistible to pass up. That customer makes the purchase and it’s a win-win for all involved.

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