The perception of wasting time in waiting times reduced by screens

In these times that reducing waiting times at checkout is a real problem for retailers, a new study display that digital signage can make the wait feel shorter for customers.

The survey done by Milward Brown for Impax Media shows that 84% of consumers express that seeing contents on digital boards helps the time to pass more rapidly. Around 70 % of surveyed agree they would watch the displays on the checkout line. When asking about the content they would like to see, 76% of surveyed response was information on sale items, 75% said weather, 69% would like to know about special in-store events and 65% new service in the store.

Digital signage offers better recall rates than TV and other mediums. In-store signage has an advantage in targeting messages at the right place and time. Waiting in line for the checkout is not funny for anybody, and digital signage can reduce perceived wait times at checkout by as much as 35% creating a better customer experience and brand loyalty, with potential repeat custom.

With the use of dynamic visuals and animated content, retailers are transmitting messages related with their brands, with more promotion of the latest products and services and advertising marketing campaigns. Using digital signage in this way is enabling four in five product brands to experience a significant increase of up to 33 percent in additional sales.

Organizations across a number of sectors are achieving total control of the shopper experience by managing an efficient approach to long wait times and customer flow.

Franchise restaurants represent 20 percent of the digital signage industry and are using digital menu boards, positioned directly in line with customers’ line of site to drive impulse purchases at point of sale.

Dentists and doctors are perfect candidates for digital signage, to name an example. While patients don’t wait too long for admission, those few minutes shouldn’t be wasted in boredom. Sometimes, we find a big display screen showing a random show. Imagine if that screen were showing content targeted specifically to the audience typically found waiting in a dentist’s office. Keeping patients informed and/or distracted can improve the overall healthcare experience. For example, a queue management system alongside the latest news could help lower anxiety and physiologically reduce waiting times.

Are you wondering, after reading this post, how can you reduce the waiting time in your business? Leave it in our expert hands.

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