KFC rewards MALER Digital Signage’s teamwork

We feel proud when a client appreciates our work. The distribution issues that affected more than 900 Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurants in the United Kingdom last February forced all the KFC’s work teams, departments and suppliers to make an extra effort.

The KFC’s marketing department, with which we worked tirelessly during those dates, has recognized that effort with All-Star “Take the Hill” Teamwork Award, that MALER Digital Signage has jointly received with Inspired Thinking Group (ITG), the company in charge of creating the showed content on the screens.

The digital signage network management has become one of the main items during those weeks, to adapt in real time the digital menus content to the product availability store by store, in a joint effort of KFC, ITG and MALER.

In MALER Digital Signage we work to the transitioning from print to digital KFC menu and we also manage day-to-day their digital signage network in all their restaurants in the UK and Ireland since 2009. KFC had already recognized us with the ‘IT Supplier of the Year 2014’ award.

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