Testing facial recognition and digital signage integration

Facial recognition, beacons… New technologies integration are key challenges in digital signage. As a concerned player in a changing market, MALER Digital Signage is working in R&D, integration and deployment in order to stay in the avant-garde.

Nowadays we are testing the facial recognition interrelationship with our digital signage software. We are partnering with Releyeble, a Galician company who develops a fancy tool for digital screens.

Elisardo González, Releyeble CEO, point to the bulls eye: “A brand with several products to offer a broad audience needs to adapt the content by gender, age, mood…”. The challenge is to display targeted information for particular audiences.

As the video shows, audience measurement information is captured and returned real-time to the server for immediate analysis of viewer trends. The recorded metrics are directly related to the content being shown on the digital signage screen in real time. Digital signage facial recognition metrics includes seven moods.

In our fast paced environment is not enough to test one technology, so MALER Digital Signage is introducing beacons for digital signage. An upcoming project in this field is going to be uncovered soon. Stay tuned.