Four key benefits of retail digital signage

Retail digital signage is nowadays one of the most famous technologies that retailers are implementing and using. It helps them from engage customers to driving more traffic into stores. Acute stores are gaining the benefits of retail digital signage.

In May, International Data Corp forecasted that retail digital signage will grow to $27.5 billion by 2018 from $6 billion 2013. This 35.7% 5-year CAGR reflects the overall movement across markets to increase digital experiences.

The four key benefits of retail digital signage are:

Increase traffic into the store

Retail stores place digital signs outside of the entrance or in the storefront window to attract the sight of the customers. In a FedEx study, 76% of consumers were drawn to enter a store because of its sign and 68% were inclined to purchase products or services because a sign caught their eye. 68% of customers also believe that a store’s sign is a reliable indicator of the company’s products and services. Proper signage influences consumer behaviour and views of the business. We’ve seen our customers use digital signs to reflect that their business is modern, trendy, and tech-savvy.

Reduce printing costs

Printing new banners and paper signs to update the latest trends can cost each retail location lots of money each month, not including the hours required to replace the posters and the work it entails. Digital displays offer the correct software in order for you to change information immediately, such as promotions for products or for specific customers. This can be a much less time-consuming way of getting your information across.

Build your brand

Stores can create an immersive brand experience and emphasize the brand values with digital signage. Strategically placed retail digital signage around high dwell-time areas of the store can be used to entertain customers. This technology can complement current marketing and merchandising strategies to further enhance the shopping experience, build loyalty, and also increase sales. The use of digital signage to provide relevant information to an audience near the point of purchase has allowed retailers to generate higher brand awareness and uplift their sales.

Customer attraction

Intel conducted a three-month study that showed digital signs captured 400% more views than static signs. Retailer digital signage now leverages the power and network effect of social media by encouraging customers to tweet or post Instagram photos of their experience. Digital advertising screens allow advertisers to buy screen time for their product, meaning driving more sales at the point-of-decision. This is also a means of making money, as retailers sell advertising space to their suppliers.

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