Digital signage and how to improve internal communications

Organizations are using digital signage for corporate communication to replace announcements, banners and other hard copy notices located in their lobbies and communal areas. They are integrating displays to deliver information in time and leverage the benefits of digital signage, such as:

  • Generate customised relevant messages for specific locations and audiences.
  • Develop a better customer service by training staff members via digital videos.
  • Increasing employee engagement by recognizing workers’ contribution (Employee of the month award, for example, stimulates a positive work environment and boosts employees’ motivation).
  • Avoid workplace accidents by displaying visual safety publications such as emergency exits or CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) procedure among others.

Digital signage for internal communications has proved to be an effective way to provide information to workforces distributed across multiple locations. It is possible to highlight three ways businesses are using digital signage to improve the efficacy of enterprise communications in the work environment:

Administrate employee training

Digital signage networks have been used to show employee training videos and exhibit new procedures. It enhances communication between HHRR and employees by empowering workers through education. This way, companies deliver trainings to the workers right at their locations. Its solutions are also especially useful for trainings on demand, which allows orientation information to be displayed at specific times set by the managers. This is a very effective form of making employees aware of new policies without the need of hardcopies or presentations.

Create a better corporate environment

It’s known that a well-developed company culture creates positive changes across an organization. That is why digital signage for that purpose is becoming more popular. Lots of enterprises are taking advantage of corporate information networks to distribute messages and communicate mission goals across great distances. The stronger the connection between workers and a company’s mission, the higher the overall business productivity. It’s a great tool for companies to improve employees’ engagement, to enhance internal marketing and even to lower turnover rates.

Share internal data

Digital signage software is also so useful for keeping track of production, sales and internal analytics. Employees have the possibility of know if they are meeting their goals when they measure their performance with the right business metrics. Furthermore, internal metrics sharing through digital signage networks is often used to monitor the global performance of a company.

No matter how organizations are delivering information, the truth is that digital signage is a great tool for engaging employees. It attracts employees’ attention through dynamic real-time messages and helps enterprises to develop effective internal communications.

Digital screens have also the potential to cut expenses and generate revenue. Their broad reach and ability to deliver information quickly implies digital systems eliminate a significant amount of paper-based communications which means a high saving in time and especially, in money. After an initial upfront investment, digital signage earns its keep through savings on professional printing, paper and ink cartridges, waste collection and the personnel required to create and distribute paper notices.

With MALER Digital Signage services, we will deploy an entire set of screens and software which will allow your employees to have a better notion of changes within the company as well as an improved work environment.

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