Best practices to start your digital signage network

Surely recently you have heard about digital signage around. You’ve probably seen systems deployed throughout various and diverse public settings like airports, retailers and franchise restaurants. And perhaps you have wondered yourself if a digital signage solution is right for your company. But how do you begin to identify whether a digital signage solution makes sense for your business?

The most relevant rules to remember when implementing your digital signage solution are location, content, reliability and hardware specs.


You have to engage your customers by giving them fresh and new content on the screen, but to reach this you need first to make them look at the screen, you need a hook. It could be very simple as who is the next on the checkout line or as refined as a custom-made newsfeed with the weather forecast or the fixtures of your favourite team. How easily does your system integrate with these sorts of hook? It’s back to what software you choose, that little thing nobody thinks and lots of people regret after some time. MALER Digital Signage can offer you this service with a personalized attention and adapted to your needs.

We don’t have to forget that location is quite relevant, the place where you are going to deploy your displays. Proper placement of the screens with appropriate content is crucial. Nobody is going to look up to the ceiling at a cheap TV set with no interesting content. Look for a location where people need to visit or have a natural waiting time and your content will be able to influence purchase decision at the last minute while improving the overall customer experience.


Content can really make your digital signage differentiate from the competition. Make sure it is relevant, easy to read and nice to see. Movements and transitions gets much more attention than static content, a study by Intel discovered that on average, animated content received 5 times more viewers than static and further found that the engagement was for a much longer period of time.


Reliability is key when operating a digital signage network. For example, if displays are constantly turning off and relying on staff to manually reboot regularly, this will have a significant negative impact on the overall business as the customers won’t be happy with this technology. It shows sloppiness within the business. Do you want a reliable software and hardware with real-time monitoring and technical support 24/7? MALER Digital Signage is your solution.

Hardware Specs

Commercial displays for digital signage are built for extended use, durability, visibility and there are different types depending on the environment. If content needs to be showed outside or through a window, a screen with convenient brightness and contrast will be needed for attract customers’ attention. If interactive content is displayed, make sure the touch display and associated media player are both responsive and powerful enough to deliver the content intended for the users. Ensuring the right hardware is chosen to deliver the intended content in the intended environment is the final piece of the puzzle to ensure an engaging and powerful experience is delivered. MALER Digital Signage works from small to large systems. We adjust to the size of the project to offer the best solution.

If you like this technology and you think that is appropriate for your business but you don’t know how you can deploy it or what kind of software/hardware you should choose, don’t worry. We put all our effort to provide you the best solution to your business. We adapt digital signage to your needs and specifications, guiding you through all the key points.

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