Digital signage fosters workforce engagement

Digital signs can be more than just a screen showing stock prices and company messages to customers. They can foster workforce engagement, a prime driver of productivity. Digital signage has become a trend in current age of business, but it is time to focus on internal communications. It is visual, quickly changed, and can be targeted by location. It is a must for any communication plan, because not all kind of workers are sitting in front of a computer waiting for an email.

Digital signage is a new technology, by now. Not disruptive, but mature enough for manufacturing environment (a considerable amount of employees do not have access to the network), call center or open space office. Keeping information on a 3-5 min loop (or different loops) will allow employees to see messages repeated and therefore reinforced.

Here’s a few topics to embrace digital signage for internal communications:

  • Cheaper technology. The growth has been spurred by cheaper technology. Displays have doubled in power even as prices halve every year since the start of digital signage. It is increasingly witnessing adoption in enterprise segment as it offers powerful visual communication tools that engages audiences and improves efficiency and reduces operating cost.
  • Reaching employees on the go. Internally, signs reach people where desktop computers don’t: waiting for elevators, on assembly lines, staring at the wall in reception areas or during coffee break.
  • Brand awareness. The method behind content and the way to distribute, reinforces the messages. Digital signage is the fresh way. The world’s most recognized brands tend to employ staffers who consider their company to be a great place to work, and thus become vocal brand ambassadors.

Research shows that the more engaged your employees are, the more productive they’re going to be. How to engage them? Just like the signs you see at the mall or airport, it is imperative to place the signage in high-traffic areas, but often times, budgets may impact the number of signs a communications team can purchase. If faced with this challenge, walk the floor of your offices or factory and identify the areas that will provide the most “drive-time” exposure and count how long an employee has to see the sign. That will affect the rotation cycle and size of the content. Maybe elevators? Or break rooms? What about reception areas?

Once you have a map with hot spots and a budget to spend in certain panels, what’s next? At MALER Digital Signage we offer an all-round consultancy service and project management that will help you find the best hardware and software solutions to deploy from scratch your own digital signage network.