How digital signage can boost supermarket sales

The supermarket chains have already begun to transform how their customers buy helped by digital signage.
Communication strategy contributes to the achievement of corporate goals, improves the brand image, allows to differentiate from competitors, creates a community around the company and commits customers.

Digital signage systems allow to promote offers and characteristics of products in a simple way and with a great impact on the consumer, with the advantage that it does not require logistics costs such as distribution, materials or printing.

Digital signage offers countless solutions. In a industry with thousands of references, such as supermarkets, this is a great advantage over traditional solutions. Digital signage enables to display all kinds of offers, prices and promotions on one screen, helping to increase sales and improve the customer’s buying experience.

Due to the easy updating and content programming offered by digital signage systems, it is possible to simultaneously display different ads at different points in the supermarket, depending on the characteristics of each of those points. Messages in formats like graphics, images, video or audio can be switched easily and programmed into slots with a centralized decision process.

Some of the benefits of digital signage in supermarkets:

  • It helps to boost purchase and allows to interact with the customer in real time.
  • It is a direct information channel in the point of sale, allows to show offers, promotions, new products and any information of interest for the clients.
  • Images, videos and texts produce much more impact on the audience.
  • It improves the image of the brand through innovative and modern tools.
  • It allows customers to quickly locate foods or services they are looking for.
  • Reduce printing costs, due to the need to have fewer posters and brochures.

At MALER Digital Signage we are committed to the objectives of each of our clients. We adapt to what the company needs, from small to large systems, supporting the entire process and offering the best solution from the hands of our professionals.