To run a digital signage network is about service level agreement

To run a digital signage network is not about software, or hardware, is about service level agreement (SLA). We know at MALER Digital Signage how to manage, schedule and operate large networks. Listen Luis Villafañe talking honestly with Dave Haynes at Sixteen:Nine podcast on how to get things done to satisfy our customers. Some headlines here:

  • “We know things about TELentice that not even the developers know, because we have been working for long with this software.”
  • “We are engineers, so we get very few clients visits. If you come to the office you could see cables, panels… Every empty space is covered with different hardware of different providers.”
  • “If you are hiring somebody to manage you network 24/7 with a 20 minutes response time you don’t really care about what software can do, you just want it done.”

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