CEGA Audiovisuales Spain

CEGA Audiovisuales Spain

CEGA Audiovisuales Spain is a reference company in the audiovisual sector that designs, advises and produces all kinds of events, congresses and concerts. Among its services are the realization and editing of video, as well as the sale and rental of LED and LCD screens.


In 2017 CEGA was at a time of growth of its digital signage network and needed to go a step further to offer the final customer a solution for content management through a more robust system, which would allow it to expand without having to worry about monitoring.

Among its clients were The Walt Disney Company Iberia and Urban Vision, both with different needs and goals, it was necessary to carry out a detailed study to find adapted solutions.

It was necessary to find a business model that would allow them to use corporate management software, adaptable to any type of TCP/IP communications, with logical systems that would allow them to interact with the final equipment from a central point.


Maler had to face the challenge of finding the perfect ecosystem for internal controllers, but the collaboration of the two teams resulted in the right solution.

In order to manage the 32 screens, among which are large format LEDs and LCDs that constantly emit static images, video, television broadcasts and interactive applications, Maler carried out the following tasks:

  • TELENTICE DS system implementation.
  • Study of the most suitable hardware for each of the solutions.


This solution allows a CEGA to monitor and control the equipment that manages the screens from a single place, so they can provide an immediate response in the event of an incident. CEGA highlight the professionalism and human quality of the service offered by Maler.

As relationships and working methods have been strengthened, both companies have participated jointly in multiple projects, where professionalism and trust have given optimal results.