It’s now time for us to let everyone know what we are. We’re engineers. We’re quiet. We do our thing.

From all our clients we have learned quite a bit. We learned never to leave our vertical. Don’t sell PCs, don’t sell screens, don’t sell advertising or do physical installations.

We must become the hardware provider's worst enemy by pointing out every single fault, by questioning every item on their proposed solution; and also become their best friend, because we want them solved.

We made an effort so that our client knows that we will never lie to them. They know that when we call to say we've made a mistake, they already know we are working at 100% and applying a solution.

We think of ourselves as part of their IT department, and as such, engage every aspect of the network as if it was our own.

We like what we do. We love the time we spend in our office, the sleepless nights doing upgrades. We have learned and are still learning so much from every single client we have had and still have, and although we are not perfect and we have screwed up a few times, you can be sure we have never made the same mistake twice.

The truth, is that as soon as we receive a network, as soon as it is in our hands, it becomes our child, and as such, we truly care for them.

So at MALER, we manage and design networks. We manage and design digital signage networks. That is it.